Corporate-owned Insured Retirement Programs (“Corp IRP”)

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Corporate-owned Insured Retirement Programs (“Corp IRP”)

Royal Rock is well experienced in arranging and executing Corporate Insured Retirement Programs. Often called "Corp IRP," these Programs are created when a corporation purchases life insurance on the shareholder(s) who needs such protection.

This is advantageous due to tax efficiency from using corporate dollars to purchase and contribute to the life insurance policy. Accumulation inside the insurance policy is also tax-deferred.

Corp IRP also has built-in flexibility on when funds can be tapped without triggering a tax event. The corporation can obtain a bank loan using the life insurance policy as collateral. The loan proceeds can flow to the shareholder as a bonus or dividend(s). Repayment of the bank loan occurs upon the death of the insured. The death benefit is also paid out to the estate tax-free if the payout is in excess of the bank loan.

The Insured Retirement Plan (“IRP”) is a highly efficient tax planning strategy that takes advantage of the beneficial treatment enjoyed by tax-exempt life insurance.

Typically, there are several main parts to an IRP, and these include:

  • Life Insurance: this provides the protection needed to take care of family members or business interests or business interests after the insured passes on. The life insurance policy has two components: insurance coverage and cash value;
  • Accumulation and Tax Exempted Growth: investments within the cash value part of a tax-exempt life insurance policy are allowed to accumulate, with some limitations, on a tax-deferred basis. These savings compound significantly over time.
  • The policy’s cash value can be accessed before the insured’s death by using the cash value of the life insurance policy as collateral for a business loan.
  • The loan would then fund a dividend or bonus to the shareholder. In addition, the interest expense on such a loan is tax-deductible, further reducing the cost of this arrangement. 

Royal Rock will help assess your current financial status and future needs to structure an IRP that works for you and your family.

Once your needs have been identified, we will look at the life insurance plan most appropriate for your requirement. Corp IRPs can reduce your tax expense and maximize the growth of your assets.

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