Wealth Transfers

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Wealth Transfers

Estate planning is often considered to be one of the most emotionally challenging aspects of forward wealth planning. Often there is some degree of uncomfortableness about planning for the future after the demise of a person, or concerns how the surviving members will handle the estate or deal with any conflicts which may arise.

Naturally, everyone hopes that family situations are handled in such a way that meets the wishes and intentions of the individual. However, it is often some or all of these reasons which prevent the right decisions from being made. Conversely, it is the making of correct and timely decisions which can be so important for successful estate planning.

A well planned estate can reduce the likelihood of disruptions to family harmony, mitigate the complexity and time to administer an estate, and also help limit the amount of taxes due both during lifetime and upon death. The end result being that and means that your wealth and assets end up where you want them to.

Wealth transfers are by no means simple or straightforward. This is where Royal Rock’s extensive experience in such matters comes into play. Tony and his team understand that wealth transfer is crucial for wealthy families. Therefore, Royal Rock can help individuals or companies establish a legacy and ensure a tax-efficient way to transfer the wealth to the intended beneficiaries.

Royal Rock’s professionals are well experienced with estate planning matters and ensuring that bespoke wealth transfer plans satisfy their needs. They will work closely with family members to help clarify and streamline the complex laws while dealing with family dynamics and charitable intentions.

Wealth transfer services may include the following and will endeavor to mitigate any liability to taxes:

  • undertaking suitable estate planning to minimize estate and gift taxes and maximize family wealth transfer;
  • succession planning;
  • dealing with wealth equalization planning for those family members not involved in the business(es);
  • handling distribution planning for retirement plans;
  • appropriate structuring work in respect of family partnership structuring;
  • trust planning. 

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